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Hello BFS attendees,

With the 8th annual Battle for Salvation coming up fast, we are very excited about both Grand Tournaments and want to keep you updated on what we have been doing to prepare.


We will be debuting our BFS X-Wing Mat! The 2017 design below shows our classic logo watermarked into the rich colors of the background. The test sample we received retains the art quality and is a blast to play on! Players in the GT will be able to purchase on site, but we have a limited quantity. To guarantee you receive your mat, register for one online.  Click on the mat below to reserve yours!


This year we will go live! Brothers Grim and Skull Squadron will be streaming our top tables both days.


We also have awesome prize support for the event. Our attendees will receive custom BFS acrylic tokens, mugs and a variety of door prizes. Top cut players will receive 2017 BFS range ruler sets, achieving more rulers for each win in the top bracket. Additionally, we will be giving out gaming trays with storage draws to our top Rebel, Imperial, and Scum players after day 1. We are going to have custom painted ships for our raffles. See below for the incredible work on the Ghost by Mike Cho, founder of Brush Lickers United. Last, but certainly not least, our X-Wing champion will win the coveted Lightsaber! If you have friends that need to sign up, send them to



Warhammer 40K:

40K 8th edition has had a major impact in the community. We have seen a surge of interest in the game and as a result, we have only 8 Spots remaining for our Grand Tournament. If you plan on traveling with friends, make sure they have their spot reserved. See link below for our registration page.

Some of the rules and format specifics of Warhammer 40K have been updated. We have included our mission packet to the email. Each mission has some very specifics that differentiate it from others. We designed the missions to have this diversity and incorporate aspects from a variety of formats. Please read army creation rules and mission details carefully. Over the week we will fix any discrepancies and clarify wordings that need it. If you have questions email us! We will clean up formatting issues for the final packet.

Just know that we have taken careful consideration into making this the BEST year at Battle for Salvation for our attendees. From creating our own custom packet, to getting everyone the most prizes and awards, to streaming the 40K event for the first time, we are more excited about the GT than ever before! We will have door prizes and door raffles throughout each round. Additionally, we will have great prizes for all our bracket winners and of course, the infamous Bishop Slayer Sword for our Champion of 40K. As of today, only 6 people in the world own one, and 1 person has two…Will you be next?


We wish everyone well in their preparation. We have a few people monitoring the email account, so if you have any questions related to the tournaments, please contact us at and we will get right back to you.


Good luck and see everyone in October,

Bob Sinnott, John De La Rosa, Ed Miller and the rest of the BFS staff



****Update 9/7/17****
The 2017 Battle for Salvation 40K Grand Tournament will adhere to the following
format rules:
-We will follow all rules of the ITC including missions, format, and army
composition. See primer pack below.
-Maximum of 3 detachments
-No single model units of Power Level exceeding 31 will be allowed.
-Each Forge World unit will have the restriction of 0-1 per detachment.
-The Death Guard and Adeptus Mechanicus codices will be legal.
-You must use all current rules for units in a Codex.







If you like board games or tabletop war gaming this is the club for you. We are a gaming club, that primarily plays Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, DnD, Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing, but members can play anything they like. So bring your favorite game! Or jump in a demo of any of the games mentioned above and come have fun.





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